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All those many years ago, the two of you met and fell madly in love.  Marriage followed; children came; and, you found the perfect home – that 2 ½ story picture-book perfect place, with the white picket fence.  You thought it would last forever.  Then life happened.  Perhaps it was financial pressures; disagreements over careers and roles; unmet emotional needs; anger and violence; or a host of other reasons, and your relationship turned from “live happily ever after” to “I want a divorce”.

Family law issues are complex on a variety of levels.  There is all the emotional guilt, pain and suffering.  The disappointment that what was thought to be forever is over.  There is the uncertainty of finances and family obligations.  You are suddenly standing at the edge of the abyss and are all alone.  We can help.

What makes family law issues so difficult is the overlap between the dissolution of a business – your family is that business – which often does not have a written partnership agreement (a prenuptial agreement) to address how the marriage dissolves; and, the host of emotional and truly practical family issues related to the purposes of the “business”.  Unlike a business dissolution, where you can liquidate the inventory and go on, here you have children that both of you love and cherish.  You are marital partners until Final Orders are issued; but, you are both parents and grandparents for the rest of your lives.  How to achieve balance in these matters is the conundrum that faces families in transition.

At the Kanthaka Law we understand.  We may not be able to address the non-legal aspects of this most difficult time; but, we can release from you, the burdens of the worry of the legal system.  We will help you through the morass that is our system of laws and processes in family law; and, provide you the best foundation we can to build your new life upon.  Key to our approach, is to be mindful of the long-term effects of this dissolution and how, especially if children are involved, it's important that you part on terms that allow you both to still be effective and engaged parents.

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