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Posted by Jason Bell | Apr 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

As we all take in the information regarding COVID-19, we now understand the basics regarding our personal health and the health of those around us – wash your hands frequently, keep a safe social distance when in public, and monitor yourself for symptoms.  What is the basic advice concerning legal planning for the worst?

COVID-19 Basic Advice:

  1. Make a health care power of attorney. This document names someone as your agent to make your medical decisions if you are unable to make them.  Consider an alternate trusted person who is not in your household in the event your primary agent gets sick.  The PoA should include a HIPPA authorization to access medical records.
  2. Make a durable power of attorney for your financial affairs. This document appoints an agent to manage your financial affairs so that someone can pay your bills and manage your assets.   Make a list of the critical tasks now you would want your agent to know.

A Plan for Success:

Hopefully, you will not need them, but if you become ill, these basic documents will allow someone to step in and care for you immediately.  Contact us today so we can assist you in preparing a plan that will provide security for your family.

About the Author

Jason Bell

Jason M. Bell is an attorney member of the Kanthaka Group.  Jason practices in wills, trusts and estates; general business law and government contracting; military law; criminal law; and juvenile law.  He assists clients to achieve their estate planning goals and with probate matters.


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