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Civil Litigation


While many aspects of our practice are general in nature, our one area of common focus is litigation.  Whether it is in the Federal Courts or State Courts, the Kanthaka Law does not shy away from bringing matters to trial.  Certainly, trials should be avoided – they are expensive, tedious, and uncertain affairs.  Any lawyer that says he or she can assure you of a particular result from a jury or a judge simply is not being honest nor ethical.

At the Kanthaka Law, if a case must be tried, we do the preparation and research necessary to provide you the best opportunity for a successful outcome.  But, there are no guarantees.  This is true of both criminal and civil litigation.

Lawyers in the Kanthaka Law are licensed to practice in the state courts of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  We can appear in other states through arrangements with local counsel.  Admission to most Federal Districts Courts is relatively easy and we already have permanent admissions to the Districts of Colorado, Wyoming, and the trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois.  Government contracting is often a matter before the United States Court of Claims, where the Kanthaka Law also has an admission.

In the event that an appeal is necessary, we are authorized to argue appeals before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

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